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Releases and reviews

Press inquiries should be directed to our PR department.

Mrs. Anne Dörseln
Kamperstraße 2
51766 Engelskirchen

Phone: +49 2263 952933

Press inquiry

Basic documents and media, such as our logo or product images, can be found on our Downloads page.


Press releases

power station Hermann Wenzel in Duisburg

Press release

Valves by Schroeder protect pumps at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Press release

A valve for high pressures and all load conditions

INCA Award 2015 for for best internet presence

Award winning products

Schroeder Valves wins INCA Award for best internet presence

Schroeder Valves products ready for delivery on a pallet

Press release

Schroeder Valves celebrates its 125th anniversary

Scheme of Schroeder automatic recirculation valve in the process

Press release

Schroeder Valves commission their new high performance flow test facility

The Schroeder Valves company building

Press release

Schroeder Valves at new headquarters

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Schroeder Valves is a global specialist in designing and manufacturing reliable pump protection valves.

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