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Quality products should be accompanied by excellent service, which is why Customer Service has always been a central pillar of our culture. Schroeder Valves is known for comprehensive support and fast response concerning both the procurement process as well as maintenance and repairs. We offer a self-contained package – from advice in the product right up to the documentation.

With comprehensive Sales and Service support we make sure that you find an expert in each region, who will find the best solution to protect your pumps or to maintain your installed equipment. To ensure 100 % quality, we have implemented a worldwide unique test center. Prior to leaving our factory, each valve is hydraulically tested to ensure and document the highest degree of quality and functionality.

  • original spare and wear parts
  • as-built valves
  • technical service and support (also on-site)
  • a revision of your valve in our test center

In our premises in Germany we keep an important stock of all regular wear parts like springs, O-rings as well as diverse sealings and screws. Original tailor-made parts like bypass internals, cones or complete valve branches are manufactured per order for the specific valve. To guarantee for a supply of the correct parts, each valve is identified by a 5-digits serial number that can be found on the valve’s name plate. This number shall always be indicated in every communication. Our experienced CS-staff will assist you to select the required parts or guide you in terms of preventive maintenance. Parts can be identified using the IOM and the contained pages with the valve dimensional drawing and bill of materials.

As-built valves are based on the original or last manufactured valve that is identified by its individual 5-digits serial number. Those valves are 100 % copies in material, size and pressure rating, as well as in the design of all internal parts. Therefore, it is assumed that the pump process data, for those the original valve was designed, remain identical. If process data changes have occurred, you should inform us in order to consider those changes and confirm if the valve specification is applicable again.

Schroeder Valves can be implemented in exist­ing systems, replacing AR Valves from other manufacturers. Main dimensions and flange connections can be verified, internal designs are realized individually according to the pump process data.

Comprehensive Sales and Service support of Schroeder Valves

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