Schroeder Valves

SMV Series

Multifunctional valves SMV

With venting nozzle for media with a low boiling point

The Schroeder SMV series multi-functional valve is an automatic recirculation valve that is equipped with an automatic venting nozzle in addition to the minimum flow control and non-return device in the main feed. It permanently ensures that the stationary pump and standby pump are automatically vented and thus remain filled with liquid at all times.



The main application range lies in the process engineering of particularly technical liquid gases, especially at low temperatures, as well as in tank storage technology and the loading of liquid gases. In addition, the SMV multifunctional valve is particularly well suited for pump systems that pump liquids at a temperature close to their boiling point, for gaseous media and for pumps equipped with gas injection. The multifunctional valve protects canned motor pumps and magnetic pumps against running dry.


Datasheet SMV Series 10-20