Schroeder Valves

Our Test Center

Prior to leaving our factory, each valve is hydraulically tested in our unique test center to ensure the highest degree of quality and functionality. All flow-relevant data is recorded by means of a PLC and processed electronically. We can provide our customers with information about pressure losses, flow values, such as Kv (Cv) to the valve or switching performance information, even years after purchase.

The flow test facility allows Schroeder Valves to have each valve undergo a 100% pressure and functionality testing prior to delivery. Thanks to a water storage tank of 80 cubic meters, up to seven pumps with a nominal flow of 120m³/h to 2,200m³/h and a driving power from 30 kW to 500 kW each, the test bench can check the full functionality of a valve.

We are committed to providing our customers with ongoing product support. We maintain a Life Record for each valve we manufacture. Our database contains all relevant technical data so that our customers can be confident that they can obtain the appropriate replacement part even years after their purchase.