Schroeder Valves

Chemical Industry

Operational reliability is the alpha and omega in the chemical industry. Here sometimes highly dangerous liquid substances are dealt with – whether in the petrochemical industry, in inorganic chemistry, in the manufacture of basic chemicals or in the fine chemicals industry. For this application, Schroeder Valves provide the ideal fittings. They are of the highest quality and designed with unique materials, which enable them to transport even aggressive media safely.

An important area of inorganic chemistry is the industrial production of urea, a substance which is used for nitrogen fertilizer and cosmetics. Here, the production not only has to be safe and reliable, but also clean. This is ensured by the use of Schroeder valves.

For transfer pumps for liquefied gas, Schroeder Valves offers the appropriate fitting with its valve-type SMV. The multi-function valve protects centrifugal pumps against excessive heating, has a safe non-return check valve function in the main line and automatically ensures the continuous degassing and thus filling of the pump. This valve protects the pump from running dry and from damage and destruction especially at restart.