Schroeder Valves

100% Quality

Our products must meet the highest safety requirements and are often used in the toughest conditions. The valves we manufacture have to be able to withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures and various media - over long periods and without downtime. Therefore, the quality of our products and services are our top priority.

We only use premium components and materials. To ensure superior quality and reliability, we have developed a stringent quality control procedure at our unique test facility. Each of our tailor-made valves leaves our plant only after passing a 100% functionality test, of which the customer can obtain a test certificate.

Our entire production and supply chain is coordinated in accordance with all major national and international regulations and standards. We use our quality management system as a tool for continuous review and improvement of our services and processes.

Our staff is fully aware of how important quality is to our company. Our skilled and experienced workforce is supported by modern machinery, which enables us to ensure the highest precision and quality. Our global assemblers are known for their quick response times. This clear focus on quality and customer value is essential to our success.


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