Schroeder Valves

A good house is built on solid foundations

Our Values

For 125 years we have been a family-owned, international company. Through its entirety our own value system has developed. Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business partners and with each other. Safety, stability, curiosity and enthusiasm are the core values which distinguish Schroeder Valves.


Safety is the bedrock of our day-to-day work. It is our top priority. In our company no steps are taken which could endanger our employees or our customers. Our corporate goal is to act responsibly and true to our core values. In this way we ensure constant, well-founded decisions as well as sustainability. This makes Schroeder Valves a long term, reliable partner.


Stability is our fundamental value. The corporate strategy of Schroeder Valves is and remains based on profitable and secure growth. This provides our suppliers, customers and staff with a solid outlook.

Effective organizational and production structures make Schroeder Valves the quality leader with a high satisfaction rate. Our success has been achieved through the know-how of our highly qualified employees over many years. We continuously improve the quality of our advice, products and services.

Schroeder Valves is interested in long-term partnerships and cooperation – this applies to customers as well as to suppliers and employees. Long-term perspectives can only develop on the basis of mutual trust, respect and open mindedness.


Curiosity is the driving force behind our products. For a sustainable future with solid positioning, we constantly promote further innovations. Only those with the courage to constantly question and be open to new ideas can thrive in the market.


Enthusiasm leads people to success. We love what we do and get great satisfaction out of helping you with our precision technology. We have passionate enthusiasm while never losing sight of our company’s core values.


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